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Extra Large Beach Towels

Extra Large Beach Towels
Extra Large Beach Towels
Our fluffy extra large beach towels with striped borders will suit whether you are a beach goer, luxury camper or gym fanatic.  They are ideal for keeping you warm and dry and adding a touch of colour to your day. Every towel we produce at The Stripes Company features a deep dyed jewel bright colour bordered with our signature stripes, perfect for making a statement while relaxing under the sun.
Each and every one of our extra large beach towels are ultra-absorbent meaning you'll be warm and dry in no time, no more shivering after a cold dip in the sea!
And they are not just for the beach. Our colourful beach towels are ideal for lazing around the pool, making those camping expeditions that little bit more luxurious and are equally suited to the gym or spa weekend.

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Try our lightweight Hammam Towels as we no longer stock our extra large beach towels

Extra Large Beach Towels

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More information: Extra Large Beach Towels

Every one of our extra large beach towels is constructed from 100% cotton terry loops which (unlike some velours) absorb moisture, meaning you get much dryer, far quicker. The Stripes Company extra large beach towels offer maximum coverage and measure 170 cms x 100 cms. Ideal for drying you fast or simply wrapping up and keeping you warm at the beach.

While at the beach why not pair your towel with one of our matching bags? Whether it be Pink Stripe Beach Bag, or our Turquoise and Green Stripe Beach Bag we have a matching bag for every possible seaside occasion.

Looking after your extra large beach towel.

Our beach towels are machine washable at 30 degree and can be pre-washed at 30 degrees without fabric conditioner.

So whether by the sea, pool or gym be luxuriously dry and warm with a Stripes Company extra large beach towel!

100% cotton terry loops which absorb moisture (unlike some velours)
Size 170 cms x 100 cms
Pre-wash 30 degrees without fabric conditioner
Machine wash 30 degrees

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Extra Large Beach Towels
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