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About The Stripes Company USA

About Our Stripes...

The Stripes Company was conceived as a tribute to the Deckchair, reviving stripes in all the bold and beautiful brilliance of seaside, sports and leisure.
As the stripes fabric specialist, we understand the connection of maximising colour. We see between the lines and how stripes work for us in the Home, on the Beach and in the Garden.
With carefully chosen lifestyle accessories, our striped textiles bring joy and life to any surroundings

Imagine....The traditional English Seaside - the perfect place to soak up the sun reclining on a striped deckchair.

The Edwardian Garden where leisurely games whiled away the time on a lazy sunny afternoon - Croquet, Cricket and Lawn Tennis.

The Stripes Company have brought all the Sporting stripes of a bygone era back to life!

From Edwardian times until the 1960's, every hardware shop in the land stocked heavy cotton deckchair lengths. There was the annual and inexpensive ritual of sprucing up old deckchairs ready for the summer!

Stripes bring harmony to the garden and loud colourful stripes lend a sense of 'Circus' to the seaside.

What we have attempted to do is to bring back the retro Stripe in all its full English glory but to give it a modern twist and offering an ever increasing range of deckchair canvas along with Interior fabrics, trimmings and accessories for Beach, House and Garden.

One of the Interior Designers best kept secrets has always been to use brave stripes to add balance to interiors, so our cool, imaginative and innovative products have attracted a large band of loyal followers from around the world.

Formerly known as Deckchairstripes we have recently rebranded to The Stripes Company - we are an independent business totally committed to giving a professional level of service and we will be introducing new and exciting ranges.

We welcome you to our new 'The Stripes Company USA' website so please 'check in' regularly to see what is new and exciting in the World of Stripes!

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