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Empire Bathing Tent

Empire Bathing Tent
Striped Beach Tents
Our Beach Bathing Tents are ideal for changing on the beach, sitting in for protection from the sun or for the kids to have a thoroughly good time in. Also in the garden as a shady garden retreat, garden gazebo or play tent for children.
Fully collapsible varnished wooden central pole with brass details, ties and turned wooden pegs for each corner, with matching bag for the cover.
Suitable for outdoor use only.

Empire Bathing Tent

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Empire Bathing Tents

Around the turn of the 19th Century when wheeled Victorian Bathing Machines became too impractical, Edwardian ladies and gentlemen needed somewhere more portable to change into their elaborate bathing costumes for a dip in the sea.

The solution was in the shape of small striped bathing tents which dismantled easily - all different shapes and sizes of beach tent were produced with plenty of privacy and curtains at the front to step out of when all corsets had been removed. They were also popular as 'painting tents' - just large enough for the artist to set up an easel and stool in a shower.

We have reproduced the prettiest of these bathing tents in classic stripes with gently sloping sides and a shaped wooden finial on top for outdoor use only as the total height of the pole is much longer than the tent to enable it to be put into the ground.

100% cotton, wood, brass
Red/White  Blue/White
5 ft 6 inches internal headroom height
9 ft 6 inches tall
16 inches must sink into the ground
Download Bathing Tent Assembly Instructions

Gone bathing beach tent postcard
Gone Bathing beach tent postcard

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