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Replacement Deck Chair Slings

Replacement Deck Chair Slings
Made to Measure Deck Chair Covers
If your deckchair has a method of attaching the fabric which involves a stitched channel at the top and bottom of the canvas where a wooden dowelling rod is inserted to keep it in place, and also involves stitching up the sides of the canvas for the correct width then this made to measure service is for you.
It is easy to sew our stripe cotton canvas on a domestic sewing machine, but why bother to go to this trouble when we could make a replacement deckchair sling for you?
All you have to do is remove and send your old stitched deckchair sling to us and we make a replacement sling in your choice of deckchair fabric that will fit your deckchair exactly.

Ordering instructions

Replacement Deck Chair Slings / Covers

Made to measure Service now available - Please send us your old deck chair slings as templates

  • Once you have purchased please print a copy of your order confirmation email and include with your old covers and send to:

    Deckchairstripes Ltd T/A The Stripes Company
    Unit 1 Waverton Business Park
    Saighton Lane
    Chester CH3 7PD
  • We advise obtaining proof of posting from The Post Office and please ensure you have paid the correct postage
  • REMEMBER: You MUST send us your old deckchair slings as templates - without these we will not be able to process your order - There are many different variations in the size of deck chairs and we need to see the positioning of the seams.
  • Please be aware that our deckchair canvas is only 45 cms wide, so if you are replacing slings that are slightly wider than 45cms, there may be more of a gap between the edge of the fabric and the sides of your deckchair - this will not compromise the safety of your deckchair.
  • Please note: We are unable to refund on made up slings/covers once they have been stitched and sent
  • Please do not send very split covers as we are unable to measure accurately
  • Express delivery is not available for Replacement Deck Chair Slings

If you want to sew the deck chair slings yourself just Buy Deckchair Fabric or if your old cover is just tacked on to your deckchair you do not need this service, just buy the deckchair fabric and nails from us instead - See our video of How To Recover a Deck Chair

Replacement Deck Chair Slings

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